The Artist

Welcome to my website.

My work is autobiographical, having visited in these bars, restaurants, houses and churches, over a period of 20 years.

These interiors and exteriors of buildings suggest that you enter in one state and exit in another state. The 3-D objects, sculptures and mixed media paintings deal with the transient nature of society.

Interiors (eg bars) Drawn "in situe" (on site).
These works deal with a sense of alienation which could occur in visiting these places, in attempting to render the whole place, I use studies of various rooms and combine them in a single frame.

3-D Objects (Blikberries, typewriters, sewing machines etc).
Inspired by the Tower of Babel, my South African interpretation "Tower of Babbalaz" series deals with cultural differences. Made from cement, sheet metal, and recycled materials treated with rust (as a metaphor for time) they also serve as a metaphor for the transience of culture. Icons Deals mostly with binary opposites - Good/Bad/Right/Wrong/Old/New. It also deals with the idea of a "Clash of Cultures"
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